What Is SEM? PPC & Paid Search Engine Marketing Strategies Explained

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What is Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM (also known as Search Marketing) is the process of getting traffic from search engines via Paid Advertising.SEM has two main pillars: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PSA (Paid Search Ads).

What is the main purpose of marketing research?

The overall goal of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is to increase visibility in Google search engines by achieving a top position in SERPS (search result pages) or high positions for advertisement sites. Top ads Placement and ranking Higher Get more traffic and then more number of additional benefits.

Why Search Engine Marketing Is crucial In SERP?

Before talk about into the information what SEO and PSA are and how to use it to get more visibility and traffic from search engines, let’s quickly examine the importance of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to the success of any web site or online business.

It is the fact that today’s Internet world is the source of everything we need to know, learn, propose, buy or do.

Every moment in time we have a question or look for something, the first thing we do is to use a search engine (in most cases, Google) and write our search query.

When we click SEARCH, we expect to get a direct answer to our question or list of resources (this list includes ads and sites), which can meet our intention.

Most users click on one of the top ads or one of the top five free results.

Search engines work hard to progress the quality of search results by providing those Websites (or ads) to search engines that carry on their users glad and come again to more searches.

To do this, develop complex algorithms that take into account a series of variables before prominent which websites (or ads) will turn into visible in the first positions.

Search engine marketing is important because it’s a matter of improving your website or your ads to appear in the top positions.

Your goal is not only to be in search engines, but also to appear in one of the top 3 search queries (keywords) that are main to your company or website.

Paid Search Advertising (PSA)

In addition to getting organic traffic from search engines, another way to benefit millions of users who use search engines daily and get targeted traffic on your website is through paid advertising.

If you search on Google, you’ll notice that, at the top and prices of free results, paid ads are shown.

This is what we mean by paid search ads. Instead of waiting to get to high rankings through search engine optimization, you can push to the top.

Of course, as we shall see later, this is not easy. It becomes more complicated when many advertisers compete for the best ad placements.

The most widely used form is PPC (pay-per-click), which means you only pay when you hit it off on your ads and the most broadly used PSA system is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is owned by Google and is the platform that you must use to show your ads on Google or YouTube.

How does PPC work?

The way they work is simple, but it becomes more complicated when it comes to areas and keywords that have a lot of competition. Here’s an overview of the progression:

Create a free New account with Google Adwordsplace up your ad campaigns Each campaign can contain a series of ad groups, keywords, and ads.

Identify your target audience, which people can see your ads (you can select by user location, time of day, country, etc.).

The campaign starts and pays only when someone clicks on your ad.

Monitor your campaign results and make the necessary changes.

The amount you pay each time someone clicks on your ad depends on several factors.

The system will provide an indication of how much each click will be charged, but the actual amount will be determined when it actually occurs.

Adwords in a system based auctions. This means that the cost of each click and the location where your ad will appear depends on “demand and supply.” Every time you search on Google, AdWords manages an auction for available ad centers.

Advertisers are willing to pay more, they have higher quality ads that are most likely to meet the user’s intent, from winning top positions.

To make this easier to understand, let’s say that there are 10 advertisers who Sell Marriage Rings and want their ads to appear on the first page of Google when Users search for “Buy Marriage Ring”.

Google displays 3 ads above the organic search results and two ads below. This means that there are only 5 ads on the first page, but there are 10 advertisers.

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