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What Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? How Does It Work?

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Affiliate Marketing is a type of online marketing where you get commissions by selling other products. This is the simplest and easiest definition to understand that you can get it. a lot of website owners and bloggers prefer this type of advertising. The reason is that it is considered more rewarding than other forms of marketing.

In this guide, we will explore what affiliate marketing is already and how it works. We’ve included real examples in this guide just to show how they work. The mainly essential thing is to know the basic definition. Once you understand the basic concept, its application is very easy.

Recommend your friends / customers to buy specific products for the company. And earn commission when someone buys it. This is called affiliate marketing.

I hope you have understood the basic concept of affiliate marketing. Now the question: How to become an affiliate and make it work for you? We will use the example of the Amazon program for this purpose again.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

This is how we develop affiliate marketing in simple steps:

First, select an affiliate program that best suits your needs. Your selection criteria can be commission structure, popularity, product range, etc.

Enter your affiliate ID. (affiliate ID is the tracking ID used to identify the partner who submitted the product)

Once you join a specific affiliate program, you’ll begin to identify the products you’re promoting.

Make a list of all the products you want to promote and discover the commission rate for each.

Select all the necessary tools you need to promote your products to the public. The most common forms of tools are: logos, ads, product links, promotional codes.

Create product links that contain your child ID. Make sure your referral ID is present in the URL. For example: where ref = 123xyz represents the partner ID or trace ID.

Promote affiliate links on your website, your blog and social networks. The more you participate, the more possibilities to generate sales.

How to join an affiliate program

Test Case: Amazon Affiliate Program

Now we will discuss how we come together and become an affiliate. In our guide, we’ll show you how to join and work with the Amazon Partner Program. These are the steps to follow:

Go to the Amazon Partner Program URL and click “Sign up now.” Click here to apply

You will have to create an Amazon account to grow to be an affiliate. Go ahead and create one.

Once you’ve created an Amazon account, you can start completing the requested application forms.

You will have greater chances of success if you have a website or mobile application. If you have a good blog too. Amazon suggests that you have a website where you can promote affiliate products and banners.

After you submit your appeal, you will take delivery of a confirmation email.

If your order is successful, you’ll be notified via email. You can then sign in to the Amazon Associates Portal. That’s what it looks like:

The next step for you is to choose the products you want to promote when you browse Once you’ve identified products, you’ll need to create product links with your partner ID. To do this, you must click the Product Link tab in the list.

This will take you to the product search screen. You can search for any product through your name or ISBN. That’s what it looks like:

Once you’ve created links to your affiliate products, you can start promoting them. In the next section I will explain how you can choose different ways to promote your affiliate links.

How to Promote Affiliate Links

There are several ways you can promote the affiliate links for your product that you’ve created for your board. We will categorize marketing across affiliate links in 3 categories:

  • Marketing through social media
  • Website / Marketing Blog
  • Paid Advaertising

Marketing through social media

If you use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, you can easily market your product links in their social profiles.

Amazon has a feature known as Site Stripe. The location bar feature allows you to create child links to share on social networks.

You can create a simple text link, image link, or text + image link. Then, you can copy, paste, and share your profile on social networks. Here’s a link to a shared product link on Facebook:

You can create a simple text link, image link, or text + image link. Then, you can copy, paste, and share your profile on social networks. Here’s a link to a shared product link on Facebook:

It’s as simple as promoting your product links on social networks. Every time someone buys your article in your friends list through your shared link, you will receive a commission for that.

WebSite / Blog Marketing

If you’re a website or blog owner, you can easily put links and banners for your affiliate product on your website. If you have a steady stream of visitors to your website, you can create a large number of sales. Smart bloggers often write product reviews on their blogs and generate sales from them.

For example, you can write a review about your new iPhone and include a link as a recommendation. So if one of every hundred readers buys this product from this link, you will earn a lot of money.

You can also get your favorite banners from Amazon based portal and place them on your website. You can get banner ads in the product link list in the Partner panel.

These banners can be inserted into your website / blog. Every time a visitor clicks on the banner and buys a product from there, you will receive a commission.

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